Volunteer Snapshot: Making the Right Choices

Volunteer Snapshot: Making the Right Choices


Tyeisha Goldsmith is a dedicated volunteer who wanted to give back and share her experiences to help young students to succeed.

An alumnus of Overbook High School, Tyeisha is currently pursuing a degree in social work from Temple University. Tyeisha is no stranger to overcoming challenges. When she had her daughter in high school, she knew that it was important to do whatever it took to graduate and for her to set a good example for her daughter. “I have a beautiful little girl,” she stated.

After Tyeisha was invited to be a guest speaker at an ELECT (Education Leading to Employment and Career Training) teen parent workshop, she knew she wanted to get more involved. She enjoyed the experience so much that she chose to do her internship with Communities In Schools of Philadelphia. “Since 2009, I’ve always wanted to work with teen parents. I certainly look forward to graduating very soon and helping students make the best choices for their life.”

By volunteering at Bartram High School with the ELECT program, Tyeisha has been able to counsel young parents about their choices and help them stay on track to graduation. When young parents see all that she has accomplished, she becomes an inspiration to them. Tyeisha believes in giving back to those who have given her so much.

When asked why she chose Communities In Schools of Philadelphia, Tyeisha stated, “I chose the ELECT program because I enjoyed my time as a guest speaker during the workshop at E. Washington Rhodes High School in 2011. Having an opportunity to share my experience as a parent was rewarding. As I listened to the questions the young parents asked, it only made me want to become more involved.”

Tyeisha understands the importance of developing a one-on-one relationship with a caring adult and the impact that relationship has in the lives of the youth. She commented, “It is important that students know that I have been where they are now. As she reflects on her experience working with teen parents, she shared, “I look forward to providing participants with any advice or answers to questions that they may have.”