Executive and Management Staff

Martin Nock
President and Chief Executive Officer
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  • Alanna T. Mitchell
    Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations
  • Chelsey Williams
    Manager of Facilities

Dawn McCray
Vice President of Programs

  • Treena Reid, Ed.D.
    Senior Director, ELECT & Social Support Services
    • Marcus Godfrey
      Assistant Director, ELECT, MARS
    • Cheryl Phillips
      Assistant Director, ELECT, Ladies of Learning
    • Jennifer Pitt
      Assistant Director, ELECT
  • Michelle Fagan
    Assistant Director, Programs
  • Nyne Sellers
    Director, CISP Education Center
  • Elizabeth St. Clair
    Manager, Urban Technology Project
    • Clayton Corley
      Supervisor, Urban Technology Project
  • Stephen Kofsky
    Deputy Chief, Finance Support Services

    • Raquel Easley
      Director of Finance
      • McArthur Laws
        Accounting Supervisor
    • Crystal Knight
      Director, Human Resources