New Report Affirms Effectiveness of CIS Dropout Prevention Program

Child Trends, a national research nonprofit, released a new report affirming the effectiveness and cost efficiency of integrated student supports (ISS) programs like Communities In Schools (CIS) is improving education outcomes. These programs target both academic and non-academic barriers to achievement by identifying individual student needs and mobilizing community resources to meet them.

“It’s fair to say that the conclusion of the Child Trends report validates the tremendous efforts made by CIS to sustain and support both new and established programs and services designed to reduce dropout rates in the Philadelphia area,’ said Martin Nock, president and chief executive officer of Communities In Schools of Philadelphia. CIS of Philadelphia is the largest ISS provider for the city and surrounding communities. “Our students have experienced firsthand the benefits of an integrated model, and it is important that all stakeholders continue to address barriers to learning both inside and outside the classroom.”

Key findings from Child Trends’ latest report, Integrated Students Report: The Evidence, include:

  • ISS programs increase math achievement and student attendance and lower dropout rates;
  • Student-centric programs that focus on all aspects of students’ needs, both academic and non-academic, are more likely to be successful than ones that focus on single factors in isolation;
  • ISS programs are cost effective and yield a positive return on investment ranging from $4.39 to $14.80; and,
  • High-quality implementation is key to the effectiveness of these programs, while low-quality or partial implementation shows lower or no difference at all in effectiveness.

As a result of Communities In Schools of Philadelphia, 92% of potential dropouts stayed in school, while 69% of eligible seniors graduated. In addition, 64.5% of CIS students were promoted to the next grade. Student success also extends outward to communities, with every dollar invested in CIS creating $11.60 in economic benefit for the community.

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